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February 6, 2010 by


Well, sorta I guess. Figured since I haven’t used it in a while and all the faggots that are still subscribed or registered to this might as well know that I might consider bringing TVwhoring back. Now before you say it’s not going to happen, keep in mind, it already has, for the past few days. I am using a new site called Veetle, which is more direct about streaming then Livestream was. Does this mean I will abandon Livestream? Nope, because I plan to create a new site that combines everything together so it can be watched as one instead of changing url channels.

I am also doing test runs, meaning that each day, I will play a specific genre of shows to see how much it caters to the random audience watching.

No I haven’t decided to post a link up yet, because this is still a test run, determining if it’s popular enough to continue.

Stay tuned!

lol v6

September 12, 2009 by

As per 10 gig limits, mogulus has found and deleted the channel at 95 gigs. As of yet I have no clue as to how this will change the channel, but if it goes through like it should, then I’ll have to start making multiple channels, connected via irc or some such nonsense.



July 3, 2009 by


A complicated new name I’m sure.  Focusing on uploading some staples we didn’t have before, lemme know if you have any suggestions.  Also, nightly movies’ll start again whenever I can be arsed to upload them.

It hurts us because it loves us.

May 11, 2009 by

Our leeching ways have caught up to us yet again, and mogulus has deleted us.  This has taught me nothing, and so I have made a new channel http://www.mogulus.com/semsot.  For now, I’m streaming shit off my comp, so we will have content running, as per norm.

oh god what the fucking fuck tits have I done – TVWHORING 1 Year Anniversary

May 3, 2009 by

Yes, I am going to spend this post reminiscing about the old days like a faggot because that’s what faggots do.

The story actually started way before TVWHORING was created, as I was learning different ways how to stream tv shows and movies. I’ve used them all, Stickam, uStream, Justin, other 27362738 stream sites. You name it. I was going to test a stream with the Animal Crossing movie. Yes, I know, out of all the movies, why that one? It was cause I recently watched it and I was like, “maybe I can show this to others, they’ve never heard of the movie.” It took hours and hours attempting to figuring out how to stream. And yes I knew I could stream on a desktop, but it lagged too hard and I was using a laptop that didn’t have any stereo mix, wave out mix, or line in sound. I was pretty much on limitations here.

uStream was the first site I took a crack at trying to stream, as the Manycam update (back then) introduced adding videos. Now if you don’t know what Manycam is, it’s basically a freeware program for cameras, and to show your desktop. Anyway, I recently watched Spectacular Spider-Man for the first time around then, so I wanted to see if I could stream those episodes online. I ended up going into my parents room, putting the laptop in an odd position, with all the other noise off, and just the mic on the laptop’s volume and I had to tell everyone that came in “GET OUT I’M STREAMING NOW NO NOISE”. Most tedious shit (it’s ironic, you’ll find out later why. I got complaints that it was too low or too loud with the audio. I mean, how much can you expect when you put a mic on laptop speakers that are less than 4 inches?

So yeah, bad attempt. And then a friend I knew (HURR CTK HAS FRIENDS HURPDURF) was talking about how he streamed some movies online. I was like wat. So I asked him what site he is. The jew site that is all jews of streaming and fun, Mogulus. I decided, okay, I’ll give Mogulus a shot. Yes I know I’m going to get shot after this sentence, but I used the first episode of iCarly for the channel as a test. Back in the day, studio looked confusing as shit. WHAT ARE THESE BUTTONS HOW DO I PLAY MY EPISODE WHAT DOES THIS DO OH GOD JHRGejhqwfbgajktfgjk5r

Once I spent more time understanding the studio, I was so happy when I saw the first episode playing live and in sync. I know, it was merely uploading an episode, but who cares, the point is, it worked and that’s all I cared about. So I ended up testing it with Azumanga Daioh, Clone High, and Avatar. They were all a success too. They all played well, and I feel like punching myself in the face at that moment. What took me like 2 years to figure out, I can do it in just a mere couple of minutes.

So I have 4 shows up, but obviously, there’s no one here. No viewers, no producers, nobody, just me. So where do I start? Where do I begin the path to a popular channel? At the time, there was only nostalgia cartoons channels and seperate anime channels and seperate live action channels. I wanted to give the best and worst of all 3, because I didn’t like taking sides. I love old cartoons, but I loved new cartoons, and anime, and live shows. It wasn’t like that originally, as it was just going to be shows I liked and I put them up.

So now I know what I’m going to have my focus on, but I still need an audience. So I went to the Avatar board of Plus4chan, figuring that maybe Avatar would work as a start point. The very first post I screwed up with, because I announced it while the Pyro update for TF2 just came out and I was like “FUCK I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW I HAVE TO GET IT ON” So I ended up making a post that no one understood on +/a/. I explained to them that I was playing the Pyro update and that I got it out of my system, so I was willing to stream Avatar up to date (I think it was at the Boiling Rock at the time). Book 1 on Friday, Book 2 on Saturday, and Book 3 on Sunday. Total success, because I only expected about 5-6 people to come in. 20-35 viewers showed up, and it already felt like it was right at home. They could speak about the same episode that was on the stream and nitpick, give discussions, and fap material, can’t forget fap material.

Of course the majority of those viewers were just there for Avatar, but a couple stayed afterwards because they liked the idea in general. The idea of a small community together chatting about tv shows being played. So I added some producers that were interested in it and we didn’t slow down at all. I explained to them fully about how to use studio, and how to upload shows. I even ended up making a guide for other viewers who wanted to be producers so they wouldn’t have to keep bothering me about the same shit. Unfortunately, I wish that last sentence was true, because it bites me in the ass later.

Obviously the style I used for TVWHORING was odd to anyone. Season based streaming? Why not just do invididual episodes? Originally, I wanted to do individual, but trust me when I say that it was hard enough to deal with studio to do that. We’re talking when studio took like 40 seconds to 2 mins to load up (as opposed to 10-30 seconds now). I didn’t like the idea of repeating storyboards, where it played the same thing for 2 hours. I wanted consistency, so I told all the producers that they were required to upload an entire season of a show first before it is aired on the stream. Why seasons? Think about it, most people watch a show season-based anyway, where they’re willing to watch each episode in order (in b4 I don’t). It was basically that premise, that people would come in, watch from the beginning of a season, and if they liked the show, they would stay for the ride (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

During this time, we played during one of daily movies, which was The Dark Knight. Of course it was just a camrip, but it brought us the biggest audience of 62 viewers. Looking back it at it, that’s not a lot, but it was at the time. We added a few other additions along the way. Like how our movies were originally just on Wednesdays and Fridays, but we had enough to start making it daily, gathering more of  a variety audience each time.

Everything was going fine right? It’s a nice channel, we have a good community, what could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING. Actually, I’d like to point out, that early during the channel, I had a rage storyboard, which was hidden in the very very very deep folder, I didn’t tell anyone about it at the time, it was just something that would be played after an episode and randomly go live and play a clip that pissed off viewers (YURI THE ONLY ONE FOR ME, JUST WANNA PLAY VIDYA GAEMS, NEOPETS GIRL, etc.) Of course, this got out of hand and this may have been the cause that is chaos in TVWHORING. Producers found out eventually about it on their own, and one of them was even stupid enough to put it on-demand.

I can say this is where it started to go downhill from here. One of the producers thought it was be funny to go and continously play clips from the rage storyboard WHILE a show is going on and mess with everything on the list. I had no choice but to enforce rules and reedit the producer list. If you didn’t bother to click that link, then I’ll explain. Basically, it was that only producers who ACTUALLY contributed to the channel would stay in and all others would be out. This was a pain in the ass because I didn’t have much communication to the producers outside of the channel, until Mogulus added in the producer chat, which was a life saver. It allowed us to give our current state and what shows, episodes, movies, videos were added at the time, or if there was any problems with the channel.

Oh the fun doesn’t stop there. One of things you probably will hate about reading this part right here is drama. Yes I know drama shit should be ignored on the internet, which is why it is optional if you want to read here. But recently, I just saw a quote from tehskeen about drama, which is that you cannot escape it, it is part of human nature and it happens to everyone in several perspectives. I shouldn’t say that considering this is a channel that was just for tv shows, but sometimes, TVWHORING had it’s drama. Mainly because the 4 major targets have effected the channel in some form. Yeah, I have no idea what the hell I just wrote for this past paragraph, but I think you get my point.

I’m only gonna mention one of the targets, as he actually DID affect the channel, mainly being that he deleted 90% of our content and we had to start from scratch, which is ironic, because we had to start over anyway.

A few months later, Mogulus went on a big purge and deleted all copyright infringment channels, and TVWHORING was the first to get shut down. I alerted all the other channels, and told them they should get a backup plan. Hours later, most of them were gone by now.

So what now? We did what we planned to anyway, make another channel and start over, this time, make no references to TVWHORING, tv shows, cartoons, anime, live shows, NOTHING. It was still 2.0, it was just hidden. You can probably scroll down and tell that we had it as invitation only. Was it a success? It was a good second run, but it didn’t like long either.

The third channel I am not involved in, but that doesn’t mean I still give them support (lol) for having the guts to still continue. I didn’t have the desire to continue uploading tv shows anymore. Currently, I am focused on my vidya channel and from time to time, I may stream some tv shows through my cable or something.

Yeah it’s been a great/awful roller coaster ride.  Thanks for being part of the ride.

I might update this post or make a new post giving special thanks to viewers/producers, but since I don’t feel like writing anymore, I’m gonna stop here. All in all, thanks.
Did I miss a certain moment during TVWHORING that you remember, if you do, don’t be afraid to make a comment about it now and give your view on it.


April 13, 2009 by

New channel is linked to the right, obviously ignore this month’s movie schedule (For now). Also jack, GET STEAM. We may be deleted again within hours, if that happens…I’ll keep making new channels. Because I have nothing better to do.

New Plan

April 3, 2009 by

Oh, hello there.

TVWHORING 2: Electric Boogaloo

March 30, 2009 by

Yeah, we’re back, and if you didn’t know that, then you didn’t read the previous post, faggot.

We returned a week ago, hidden from the public with only a few viewers/producers knowing about the channel at all. However, while it is officially announced, the only way you’ll get a link is from me, which I don’t plan to post here, so just post a comment with your email and I will send you the link. Or if you don’t want to send email/comment, there’s always steam and other places to contact me.

So what’s going to change?
-Abusing importing (no, that’s a good thing). The fact that most of the shows we uploaded were already online gave us the fact that it’s faster to import them than it is to upload. Of course, like uploading, it will not always work, but most of the time it does. Since some producers prefer uploading, I will not force it upon them if that’s their choice, as long as they get the episodes/movies.
-Keeping the channel hidden is to prevent trolls and idiots from getting into the channel again. This is a way of cleansing the channel (lol like that’s possible) without going all the way. It’s a chance to mix the old viewers while starting fresh with a brand new audience.
-The focus on all our viewers. As stated in the previous post, we were not a /co/-plus4chan only channel and we weren’t before. I’m sure I’ m gonna get scarred for that, but it’s true. Having a focus on one board made everything linear and harder for new viewers to come in. Everyone was invited in. EVERYONE. Mixing communities together helps brings out a giant community that we can help get across (even outside of 4chan). Producers, take note of this, there are other boards and places that don’t know about TVWHORING. Give them a reason to come in.
-Although we will stay with the season style (as that’s pretty much the premise of the channel), we will add in little commercials/videos/breaks between each show to remind you that it’s okay to go get a snack or drink/go to the bathroom/go fapping.
-We may have a week’s worth of content, but that’s still low, so we are working our best to get you the shows/movies you love, and some new shows/movies to appreciate.
-Movie schedule as of now is under discussion with the producers until further notice. Don’t fear though, movies will still be played on the channel between 8-9PM EST (GMT -5).
-All the videos from the old vidya channel and any live streaming of games will be done on the channel now. Producers, if you want to stream a game, you must let me know beforehand.
-This is not a change, I just wanted to tell Andx that if you go to a channel where anime is being played, that doesn’t mean it’s ALWAYS played. You just having bad timing.

That’s pretty much it. Unless I think of more things we are adding/changing/removing, I’ll update it. See you later sluts.

Why I kinda want to/don’t want to bring back TVWHORING

March 22, 2009 by

I know a lot of you out there are still disappointed that the channel is gone, and probably moved on or not. But it’s not like TVWHORING is dead forever. Yes I’ll admit I did make a backup channel last night and started getting shows again, but at the same time, do I really want to?

-It wasn’t any different from other channels, and sometimes I consider the other channels to be much superior than TVWHORING was, even with all the shows and movies.  I told most of my viewers to just move to other channels, and I don’t know if they only liked it there because they wanted to regroup somewhere else, or because they actually DID like it better than my channel.

-The EISNER incident was one cause to this, because most of the producers became more lazy when all their months of uploading and finding shows that were new to people were gone in merely one night. We worked our way back up, but it wasn’t the same, because we couldn’t gather shows as quickly as we used to, nor were the producers up to doing it as much.

-As much as I love /co/ and plus4chan, one of the things I didn’t like was that it felt STRICTLY towards that group. I wanted TVWHORING to be loved by everyone who came in (of course that wasn’t the case, but you get what I mean). Meaning people from all my many connections with on the internet could be together to watch some shows and movies. Hell, even people who never went to 4chan at all.

-I never advertised. Maybe I did once or twice, but it was never the case that I continously did it. Back in the summer, the amount of people per day on average was about 11. Then during the fall/winter, it grew to 20. Then by February and March, it grew to 30-35. We only hit past the 50 mark 3 times during that whole course, because even though we weren’t as popular, it gave us more of a chance to discuss topics or what’s on without having continous spam every couple of seconds.

-Ratchet. Yes, god damn Ratchetdeam30. This faggot that I despised the most at the time, the one everyone has made fun of for his hooters picture, the one who everyone considers me and him to be like a bickering tsundere couple, the one who made so many failure posts that I can’t even think of how to list them all. As much as nobody liked him, he was probably the more dedicated one, like a super fanboy. He always stayed on the channel, knew how everything worked, our style, our viewers, etc. He was basically TVWHORING’s punching bag, because we would pick on him for these reasons. Oh, and don’t forget to ruin his fapping moments when he discusses hair.

-Motivation. TVWHORING only started out as a mere attempt so I can watch some shows and not have to continuously download them to watch them. But it was at the time when no one knew about it. Then Avatar came into the picture and it was suddenly loved by everyone (lies). It was only then that I brought more people into the picture and put my dedication into the channel. I gave up a whole summer for the channel, trying to make sure something was uploaded before I left somewhere, before I went to sleep, to talk, constant checks. About half way in, I was getting bored of the channel and didn’t really feel like doing it anymore. I even almost considered giving it to Seviper, but I ignored my feelings so I could dedicate as much as I could.

Do I really want to do it again? Yes and no. TVWHORING was great last summer when there weren’t many channels that featured cartoons, anime, live shows, documentaries, and other stuff all in one. However, it’s almost a year now. Everyone has a channel, or has made one at some point. But you can tell if they really did dedicate or not. I even put up shows that I didn’t even like to begin with because of my dedication. You could pretty much tell I had no life for spending nearly 3/4ths of the day on it. Plus, many of the viewers didn’t really care which channel they were on, as long as it had something they liked to begin with. Seviper was glad that the channel was gone so he could focus on his fanfictions (lol faggot), but I agree with him. I wanted a break from the channel, and this is considerably the way it happened.

Wow, I wrote all that and I still don’t know where I’m going with this.

My desire to continue the revival of tvwhoring really rests upon the viewers itself. Do you really care that much to keep the channel alive? Or is nothing of value lost and you have moved on? What is your say in this? Discuss.


March 19, 2009 by

At around 3PM EST, TVWHORING was locked/shut down by Mogulus for copyright infringment. At first we thought we could use my backup channel to fix this, but they locked up my account for all access to my channels. Then around 5:30PM, Morphin Time got shut down. By then, I searched Anime Live, Nostalgia Rush,Nostalgia Bomb, Nightmare Fuel, and others and they were too shut down. We don’t know any solutions right now and all I can tell you is that I am in half/half with even reviving TVWHORING. It only started out as something so I could be lazy and not download the shows again, but it ended up becoming a good community that brought different communities together. We don’t know if this is the end or not, but if it is, it was a great run with you guys, and you’re all a piece of shit viewers, and I love you all.


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